Teach One Craft Party

With the Paint and Craft Supplies you *Probably* already have, so that You can Pay for the "extras" that come up in life! (Or to buy more fun craft supplies without the guilt!) 

Want to Learn How to Teach a Paint Party?

Even if you don't know how to host a party (or even have friends to invite!)

  • CRAFT WITH PURPOSE:  Instead of collecting a closetful of craft supplies just for you, use your creative gifts to make a difference and inspire others!
  • EARN WITH PAINT PARTIES:  We will show you how to run your first paint party - even if you've never had a party before, or don't want to invite your friends (we get it!  and we've got you!) 
  • DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE:  Never feel bad about going to Michaels or Hobby Lobby again!  AND cover all those little things that add up in life - be it the next vacation or a surprise pedicure!  Our tips and tricks will help you launch your Paint Party Adventure. I wish someone would have told me this information when I first started!  
One Craft Party = A Tree Full of Presents
You can have a profitable paint party within three weeks!
And for most of you, you won't even need to buy new supplies to do it!
Ready to teach a Paint Party and make a Profit from the very first one?   
Learn the exact steps to take to teach a Craft, "Pinterest Style", Paint Party from start to finish!

They Did... You Can Too!

Meet Heidi Easley
From Bankruptcy to Million Dollar Business Owner

From Bankruptcy to Million Dollar Business Owner, Paint Parties have changed my families life forever.  

Showing other creatives the power of creating change in their finances through teaching Paint Parties is amazing. 

I truly believe art heals and enjoy sharing God's love through art. I've taught thousands of people all over the world how to teach Paint Parties in a simple and easy way where you can make a profit every party.   

Wherever your art adventure takes you I am glad our paths have crossed. 

Extremely Grateful,


  • WHY get this eBook:  Whether you are a seasoned pro or first time Paint Party person, you will want to know the steps to take to begin teaching what you already know and love!
  • WHEN will it be delivered:  On the very next page when you purchase! It will also be sent to your inbox for safe keeping! (Just check your spam or promo folders to make sure to find it!) 
  • HOW to use it:  This eBook is packed full of useful tips and tricks to help you along your Paint Party Adventure. I wish someone would have told me this information when I first started!  

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